Possible substitute for Match controller

Hi all,

Would you guys have any suggestions for the vex match controller? Our school has the driver interface but we seem to have lost the match controller.

If you just need it for practice, the competition switch does the same job and work just by flipping a couple of switches, no computer required.


The problem is that our robot works perfectly fine on the switch but when we go to the field it refuses to work in driver control after the autonomous period. It is really weird and even the RECF person for our state was unable to diagnose the issue.

this sounds like an issue my team used to have. We fixed it by changing how the tasks are managed in our code between driver and auton. Details can be found in this post: Competition code and user created tasks

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I had this same problem. The problem was that I had inertial sensor initialization as some of the first lines in my main function. If the controller was connected to the competition switch at the start, these lines wouldn’t run. I added a command to wait until the controller was connected to initialize the competition code, and it still wouldn’t run.
To fix it, I put all the initialization code inside a thread declared in main(). This allows the controller to be connected to the competition switch when the program is turned on. This solution worked every single time.


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