Preventing wires from stripping

We have had this recurring problem where the wires on the bottom of our drive motors repeatedly get stripped after general use. (most likely parking) Is there anything my team can do to prevent the wires from further damage?

Use a piece of plexi on top of the cables

Mount motors so the cables do not rub against platform or protect them in some fashion…

I do not like the V5 Motor cable placement and the cables break easily.


woah that’s pretty bad you should cover that with polycarb or something…

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Wouldn’t tape be legal in this circumstance?


I would say hot glue or something, that’s what we did with the 393’s cause they ripped out a bunch.

I can’t tell from the photo whether the cable sheathing was properly crimped into the connector to begin with… it may well have been, but I can’t tell. I have seen several crimps where the outer sheath was not long enough to get crimped properly.

If yours was crimped properly and this is caused by damage from smashing into other robots or the platform, then I highly recommend that you do not design robots to use critical wiring as your bumper material.


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The worst part is it has gotten worse over the last few days, even though we have barely driven. It’s gotten to the point where the copper wires are showing through. I think the best thing is probably going to be replacing the wires, then covering them with the heat shrink tape.

Thanks for the fast replies


We definitely are not using the wires as bumpers. Lol we ran out out space and that was the only place we could put the motors

Well, I really can’t tell from your photo, then… but I have seen many teams that fail to pay attention to the green check mark in step 3 of the crimping guide.

And while you might not have meant to use the cables as bumpers… if they’re getting smashed up when you climb, that’s kind of what you are doing isn’t it?


I see what you are saying, the image is taken looking from the underside. The outer casing of the wires got split and fell off- it admittedly looks like we failed step three.