Prices for competition starter and super kits

Will the price of the competition super kit and starter kit go down sometime? 1.9k is a lot of money to spend buying a kit.

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In the history of Vex robotics, I have never seen a price go down. And with the inflation rate at the highest it’s ever been in the past 40 years, you’ll probably see prices go up even more on everything.


We started with the V5 Starter Kit for $1,100 because the needs will change every year. As our organization has built up inventory we now only buy the VEX V5 System Bundle - $699.

The price is a lot easier when you have a community supporting your teams.


Thank you but is it worth it to buy the super kit for the extra metal if I plan to use a lot?

The super kit gives a nice variety of parts for a team getting started, and provides around 25% discount over buying stuff individually.


Thank you, this is helpful. Just one more question, how long would it take for me to receive it? I know it says they are back ordered.

Don’t hold your breath!

“Ships in 8 weeks” is a long-running gag from the V5 rollout.


Oh well I guess that dream was just crushed I’m going into junior year and it may not be worth it lol.

You may want to contact the RECF support person in your area. They may know of organizations or teams with similar interests.


I do not need to do this, this was for my own self interests, my school has a program but I was interested in being able to work on stuff at home rather than having to rely on 2.5 after school hours for it.

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I’ve wondered what the price break was, but never took the time to crunch it. Thank you!

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I suggest looking for a team selling used parts. The high school that started me on VRC switched to FRC and sold my current high school an entire program’s worth of parts, minus the ones I picked out and bought for myself. I’ve been able to get 8+ hours of programming in for my school projects at home.

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That sounds like a good idea but how do I do it just go on eBay or something lol?

I’m not sure. My connection was actually the reason my school found out about the parts, and I was the appointed middle man of negotiations. You could try googling for it, checking eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or maybe even check your notification settings to see if you can have the forum notify you when someone creates a thread advertising used parts. If you do chose to buy your own electronics, I suggest doing it sooner rather than later. My kit is mostly just a toy now that I am graduating.
One other thing - used metal and other building components can be sold at almost full price, so you’ll want to consider using wood in your builds. It is a little trickier to design and build with as compared to pre-punched sheet metal, but the possibilities are much more broad. I made sure to get a handful of lock bars so I can bolt them to homemade or scrapped gears, wheels, and sprockets.


If they are just using this for fun or for classroom, then this is find. If they are competing, though, then this will not be competition legal.

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Thank you both I have a lot to think about but I think the main difference for me will be if I can get the money this summer or if I can’t. If I can then I am probably going to buy the super kit and if I can’t I’m going to continue to focus on our school team instead.


@VexTeamZ, my own wooden bot is for fun, but I was able to program a competition bot and test other things using the drivetrain and the other 2 motors I have. Once my programs worked at home, I uploaded them and changed some values to fit the competition bot. This allowed me to focus on building while I was at school, and program whenever I wanted.

@Morgan, you are very welcome! Keep us posted!

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I’ll let you know, although I’m sure you do, that the competition kits are all backordered and have been for a while, as has most things.


Yes I knew it but thank you for saying something just in case, someone else on this thread said it ships in about 8 weeks or something generally I believe.

Now I’m curious has anyone ordered a backordered V5 Competition Kit and received it? I’d like to see if the 8 weeks wait is a possibility. If so, that would solve my personal problem. Or better yet does anyone know if I email VEX if they might give me a potential timeline, or will I get a “IDK” answer?