Print Variable to Console in VEXcode Pro

I am trying to print the error variable to the console so I can see what is going wrong in my odometry. I am using vex_printf(“error \n”, error); but it is not working. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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vex_printf is for development use.

assuming error is an integer.

printf(“error %d\n”, error); 

I think this would also apply to VEXcode Pro V5… (assuming you use vex_prinf instead of printf)
This should help clear up any confusion if you aren’t sure how printf is used.
Everything below this is taken directly from the Vex Command Help:

Console Print

Prints values or text to the Print Console


How To Use

The printf command will print data at the cursor location on the Print Console.

All new projects begin with the cursor at row 1.

The newline character, \n is needed in a printf command to output the contents of the Print Console buffer into the Print Console.

Printing Values

You can use format specifiers to show values inside of your print statements:

  • %d - Signed decimal integer
  • %f - Decimal floating point number
  • %o - Signed octal
  • %s - String of characters
  • %x - Unsigned hexadecimal integer
  • %c - Character
printf("Time Elapsed %f\n", Brain.Timer.value());

When displaying values, you can specify how many decimals places to print. For example, if your value is 3.14159265, but you only want to display 3.14, your format specifier would be %.2f.

The number before the decimal in the format specifier denotes the total number of characters to be printed. If the value being printed is shorter than the total number of characters to be printed, the printed value is padded with blank spaces.

The format specifier can also contain flags, width, precision and modifiers sub-specifiers:

  • %d - Prints a decimal integer
  • %6d - Prints a decimal integer, with a minimum of 6 characters wide
  • %f - Prints a floating point number
  • %6f - Prints a floating point number, with a minimum of 6 characters wide
  • %.2f - Prints a floating point number, with 2 decimal characters places
  • %6.2f - Prints a floating point number, with a minimum of 6 characters wide and 2 decimal places
printf("Screen Pressed? %s\n", Brain.Screen.pressing());

Printing Colors

You can use any of the color codes below with a printf command to set the color of the text being printed. The example below will show two ways in which a color sequence command can be used when printing. All color codes will need to be attached to an escape sequence - \033.

  • [31m - Red
  • [32m - Green
  • [34m - Blue
  • [30m - Black
  • [37m - White
  • [33m - Yellow
  • [91m - Orange
  • [35m - Purple
  • [36m - Cyan
  • [97m - Transparent
// Using color codes in-line
// This will print "VEXcode" in Red to the Print Console
printf("\033[31m VEXcode\n");

// Using color codes in separate commands