Printable Strategy Field Drawing

I made a field drawing derived from Vex’ own Appendix A that uses minimal colors to be easily printable and write-upon-able for strategy and planning.
I made it for my own team but am posting it here in case it’s helpful to anyone else.

These links because .svg’s aren’t allowed to be uploaded to the forum:
Full Letter sized page - two fields:
Single field:

PS see you Saturday Austin people


very nice, I’ll probably be using this. it’s a bit difficult to plot out things on the top down field image used in the manual.

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Awesome, thanks so much. Will definitely be using this.

I’ll see ya there, I’m hyped bcuz it’s our first tournament of the season.


Is there a PNG, PDF, or JPG file of this?

You can use one of the many websites like SVG to JPG Converter - to convert SVGs to whatever format you like. I uploaded in SVG since that retains the highest quality and is still modifiable by other people.

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