Printing Digital Notebooks

On the judges’ Design Award Rubric, it states “Five (5) points if notebook is bound. Notebook must have been bound before any entries were made in it.”

If, instead of using a physical notebook, we used digital documentation, is it possible to still meet this “bound” requirement after printing the digital notebook? If so, how would you go about it? As of right now, the only idea I can think of for printing a digital notebook is hole punching the pages, then putting it in a binder, but I don’t think that meets the “bound” requirement. Are we just forced to take the five point deduction or can we still meet this requirement?

You should look at an updated version of the DA Rubric, where it now says:

Five (5) points if the notebook has appropriate evidence that documentation was done in
sequence with the design process. Examples of this would include signed and dated entries in a
bound notebook, or time stamps generated by digital collaboration platforms.

Go through the Judge Guide as well, where it discusses how they have changed this in order to allow both digital and regular.


Thank you for your help, I wasn’t aware that the criteria changed.

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