Printing Odd Shapes

So I was trying to make a fancy menu based off of the one in this video by team 7K as seen at approximately 39 seconds into the video. They have options on the screen in a shape that is normally unprintable. I know it could be possible by displaying images from an SD card, but I’m curious if there’s another way to do it without the use of external devices. Does anyone know anything about how one could go about replicating this?

Maybe you could try combining multiple regular shapes? Dunno how well that would work though

Imo, loading images onto the screen like a slideshow is the best way to have circular buttons. As far as I know, your detection zones will have to be rectangular, so keep that in mind.

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I was thinking of just using the remote to cycle between options, so the detection zone won’t be a problem

That looks like they are using PROS and the lvgl library. It’s not that hard to create round rectangle buttons using VEXcode, but you will have to do the drawing using circles, lines etc. we don’t provide anything but simple drawing primitives. Round buttons are easy, for example, see this old demo.