Problems logging in on another device

So I recently tried to log in to my account on my computer, after getting logged out, and whenever I tried to log back in, I get a message that says “you can’t log in as Vexteamz from that IP address.” Also note that I did kind of forget my password, so I used the log in through email link. Can anyone help me with this?

This means that a forum admin has banned that IP address. Was this at school? Presumably this means that someone was doing a little trolling from your network, and got their account banned.

I’m trying to log in from a computer that another team uses for their account, so could it have been suspended for having multiple accounts?

Your IP will not be auto-banned because of multiple accounts logging in from there. IP bans only happen manually afaik. Either DM a moderator if you think it shouldn’t be there, or just use a VPN or something.

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do you know what ip address you tried to log in from ?

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Not currently, I’ll try to find out

It’s (removed)
(Not really sure how secure this is, or if I need to send it through a pm)

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You might not want that to be in the public after you get an answer.

Yea, that won’t be it, that’s an internal ip provided by your router, you need the ip of your cable modem or whatever you use. There are web sites that will tell you that.

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All you gotta do is open up a command prompt and run ipconfig (for Windows), or just Google “what is my IP?”

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Is this the right one?

yea, but I don’t see that on the list of blocked ips, so not sure why you could not log in.

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Woohoo! I’m typing this from my computer. The solution was kind of simple, and I’m annoyed I didn’t try it before. I just connected my computer to a mobile hotspot and logged in using that, and it worked.

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