Program V5 now with Robot Mesh Studio (Blockly, Python and C++)

VEX V5, VEX IQ and VEX Cortex
Robot Mesh Studio has now added V5 support together with VEX IQ and Cortex; making RMS the only programming choice supporting all three platforms.

No V5 hardware? No problem. Create a mimic project to program a virtual robot with physics simulation. Create a project now with a simple V5 chassis (Blockly, Python or C++) (Blockly) (Python) (C++)

Robot Mesh Studio is free to use online at V5 support is available with the Chrome browser on Windows 10 or on Chromebook. (Mac and Linux support coming before the end of September).

Robot Mesh Studio provides three choices for coding your robot:

Blockly – familiar drag and drop block programing. Straightforward for beginners, but with powerful features including: functions, lists, undo/redo and threads. See generated Python code side-by-side.

Python – easy to learn, yet powerful object-oriented language

C++ – industry standard programming with the highest performance. Preemptive multi-threading supported with our FreeRTOS implementation. Vex classes for motors and sensors compatible with VEX Coding Studio C++ Pro, so copy/paste your code between RMS and VCS.

Robot Mesh Studio: (Click ‘Create a New Project’ to get started or look in the Featured tab for example code).

RMS Documentation:

V5 Python API reference:

V5 C++ API reference:

Activity based Curriculum:

RMS Forum:

We’re not done
Our team is working on continued improvements to the software, documentation and examples. Look out for more announcements soon!

Please send feedback directly to, or in the forums.

We’re thrilled to support VEX with the V5 launch. We can’t wait to see what you build and code!

Best Regards,
Anthony Bowker and the Robot Mesh team.


Looking forward to building a V5 mimic although might take a bit longer than my IQ versions! - great work as always Anthony.

After installing the offline windows installation robotmesh studio and do a create new project- I see only vexIQ and vex EDR Cortex - there is no V5 target? How do we use the studio for V5?

The offline installation will include V5 in its next release (which is planned for next week).

V5 can currently be programmed using the online version at

Thanks for a quick response.
How would get the next release? In the program itself there is no upgrade link- I will get an e-mail once the new release is done?

Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the information. I would like to learn C++ programming for Vex Robotics. Should I start with C++ for beginners and go up to the advanced level or is there a specific tutorial/book for C++ for Vex Robotics? Please advice!