Programming a 4 motor scissor lift with RobotC Graphical

I am having difficulty programming a 4 motor scissor lift with RobotC Graphical. I have placed my four motors in motor and sensor setup on ports 2, 3, 4, and 5. I have left top motor on 2 and left bottom motor on 3, and right top motor on 4 and right bottom on 5. I have reversed the two left motors on 2 and 3. I have also clicked LEFT motor side for the left two motors and RIGHT motor side for the right two motors. I placed all four motors in a REPEAT forever loop and used the armcontrol function with the same joystick button (L up and down) for all of the motors. I set the speed to 25%. The arms are not coming up at the same time. One comes up and then the other comes up. If I press the up button twice, the the right side goes up then down. I want them to work together, both sides, so that a student can press a button and it ease the scissor lift up to the desired height, and then it go down with the press of the down button. Please help. Thank you!

If you click on the right side of the block, you can fly out a “and do not wait” command. Have you tried doing that?

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I am working in RobotC for VEX graphical. I do not see a “and do not wait” command.