Programming a Robot

What’s the best program to start programming our robot for this year for driver control and autonomous? Last year we used VCS and it wasn’t amazing

My team uses pros but robot mesh could be good also

Sorry, what do you mean pros?

Pros is a C++ based programming platform

Oh, epic. Is there a download for Mac?


You can develop code on Windows, macOS, or Linux. Code is compiled using GCC and the PROS CLI is available on most operating systems. The PROS development team makes distributions for Windows, macOS, and Debian-based Linux distributions.

Edit: quoted from the pros website

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so your alternative choices are robot mesh, pros, and vexcode. You should download all 3 and see which you prefer.


The major platforms for programming V5 robots are:

  • VEX Coding Studio - Original first-party solution. IDE hasn’t been updated since the initial release and is missing some key features.
  • VEXCode V5 Text - Same language as VCS but in a much better development environment, based on the same open-source components as Visual Studio Code. Great for teams that like the VEX C++ language but want a better editor than VCS.
  • Robot Mesh Studio - Browser-based solution for programming V5 robots in Blockly, Python, C++, or Javascript. Really cool but requires an internet connection, unless you download the offline editor or command-line tools which are both windows-only.
  • PROS - C++ programming solution developed by the VEXU team at Purdue. Popular with teams that want to implement more advanced/complicated programs.

Let’s not forget that PROS has a C API as well; PROS users can choose between C and C++ for themselves.

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I’m on the download page ( and I don’t see the Mac download for the newest version?

See this page - they recommend installing via Homebrew on macOS.