Programming catapult in Graphical RobotC

we are seeking programming advice for the catapult arm on fling.
Firstly, we are not sure how and in which direction the cogs move. Would love a link to video or anything showing how and in what direction the motor moves the blue cogs. I assume the motor moves the catapult arm and this creates tension on the elastic bands.

Secondly, could anyone please give some advice on how to programme the catapult arm in Graphical RobotC


Is there a reason why you wouldn’t want to use VexCode Blocks which is curently supported?

We use Graphical RobotC

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Fair enough. If you are stuck on using RobotC there will be some users that can help, but you will get much more help using the current Vex Supported platform of VexCode Blocks. I would start with showing a copy of what you have so far, because most will help you troubleshoot what you have as opposed to handing you a working code.

Speaking of that, there is a code that has been shared on this forum in the original game announcement thread that has a link to the VexCode file that was used to program the original Fling that was the basis of design for the hero bot.

Finally, on the question of which direction does the gear spin, I would suggest checking out one of the many youtube videos of teams who are using fling (or the official game introduction video) and you will be able to confirm the motor direction.


Here is a link to the afore mentioned code for the Fling


Thank you. We have decided to switch to VexCode Blocks. Much simpler.

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