Programming in Lua

@Connor is in the process of programming Tower Takeover in Roblox. The scripting language is Lua. Lua is one of my three goto languages for scripting (AWK if it’s going to be less than 10 lines, TCL if it’s going to be stand alone, and Lua if at some point I think it will end up inside a C Program that does some interface hiding. )

I use Lua a lot with applications it’s embedded in. For example in Wireshark a TCP/IP network packet sniffer, you can write pretty complex query’s using Lua. Game systems like Roblox use it, well known games have used it. I mess around with LÖVE and Pico-8 which is a cool way to do simple things. And some of you have websites with Ngnix, there is a way to use Lua as the back end programming language. (I use it on sites for diagnostic pages)

But to get to the point, how many of you program in Lua and what do you use it for?


If possible, if anyone does have experience with coding lua, or building anything virtually, I would absolutely love it if you can contact me. More people developing the game, the better chance and quality of the event. :slight_smile:



I used Lua in wireshark as well. I worked for a while for a company that created the huge LED displays used at concerts and events like VEX worlds, all the data for those displays travels over Gig ethernet down at level 2 using custom protocols. I was writing packet decoders for wireshark in Lua to help with debugging all that data.


Hmm, I have never written any significant Lua, maybe I should get into it - my goto language for scripting or playing around is usually python.

But I do have a favorite Lua project - it’s luamacros!

This is a piece of software that distinguishes between key presses on different physical keyboards connected to a Windows computer and allows you to assign macros to keys on a per-keyboard basis. It’s perfect if you want to set up a second keyboard that’s just shortcuts, want to set up a low-budget flight simulator cockpit (which is how I first learned about it), or if you want to do crazy stuff like build a full-size emoji keyboard.


BB10 (BlackBerry OS) had the virtual keyboard written in Lua. I think that was the only thing using Lua there…