Programming in Squared away

I’m doing the first week of camp… And I wish there was some easier fodder as far as programming is concerned. Last year you could park or hang with just a little effort. This year there just isn’t much for beginning students to tackle.

Can they grab one of the balls close to the starting station and score it in the cube close by? I guess I’ll tell you by Friday!


Agreed. There is no simple autonomous routine for a programming score.

Any thoughts from anyone on how to help the students with this? One issue I run into, is that when the programmer(s) is testing and tweaking the autonomous there isn’t much for the rest of the team to do. (except get in trouble lol)

Seems dependent on design of bot, what it can do. Push, pull, pickup, or flip cube. Pickup/intake/place one (or more) balls.

We drive first, then create autonomous to match.

As group, watch each other drive, finding “strategy”, discuss, break into smaller groups to program, test programs, whole group watching.

6 students assembled field in one session. They were able to score balls on top with clawbot and push cubes. Picking up cubes with standard clawbot caused entanglements. Towers get trashed, bot stuck, front wheels in air. I believe some field elements may leave the field…

Game analysis tomorrow, and clawbot driving with timer. Then autonomous. Then discussion of possible design modifications.

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