Programming & Troubleshooting V5 Flowcharts

I’ve been checking out the new VEX certifications and in one it says,
“When a Team encounters a complex programming concept, it is…
…okay for an Adult to guide a Student through a flowchart to understand its logic.
…not okay for an Adult to write a premade command for that Student to copy/paste.”

So, my question is, does a flowchart for VEXCode Blocks exist? I haven’t been able to find one and it would certainly be very helpful to have one for Middle School team members. On that same note, is there even a V5 troubleshooting flowchart like there used to be for Cortex? I can’t find one of those either -


I think the “flowchart” is meant to be one that the adult has created since the logic behind different programming topics will be different.


Just to elaborate on this:

A flowchart is defined as a diagram that shows a process.
For instance a programming flowchart for a simple autonomous may be:

Something illegal would be for the adult to code that process in blocks and just give it to the student.

Well, knowing that a flowchart is simply a diagram that shows a process, and the fact the VEXCode Blocks isn’t really a process, that question is very hard to answer.
Is there a flowchart for using VEXCode Blocks?
Not that I know of. I don’t use VEXCode Blocks though.

I haven’t seen one of those.

The Vex Knowledge base has a lot of neat resources though, even if there isn’t many flowcharts. There is a lot of stuff about VEXCode V5 Blocks, and troubleshooting your V5.


For your notebook you want a plastic Flow Chart Template to be able to draw your pictures. There are a dozen or so of electronic tools. I like visio, since it will let me move the blocks around and the lines stay attached.

Flowcharts are a very easy way to lay out your code. If your flowchart looks all twisted, your code is also going to look the same way.

Maybe VEX can release the flow chart tool in VEX Code COBOL when it get’s released


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