Pros and Cons of 6 Bar and Danny Lifts

This new competition, In the Zone, will require some kind of mechanism to lift the cones or any other objects. I’ve seen from Skyrise the lift called a Danny lift and from Starstruck the 6 bars. What are the Pros and Cons of each lift?

Please stop calling it a Danny lift. It is just a slightly modified DR4B, set up so that the beams don’t hit each other and it can go full vertical, which is actually not very useful. He didn’t come up with the idea, and I thought we agreed to not call it that a long time ago.
-+Vertical Motion
–Not vertical

Sorry, when I looked at Skyrise robots they called it Danny Lifts. Should I called it double 4 bar?

Or DR4B?

It’s still called “Danny Lift” by many people. I would just keep saying that instead of “slightly modified DR4B”.

the Danny lift isn’t anything new, its just a rd4b that’s been spaced differently, its got a really convoluted motor system that adds a ton of friction, and makes gearing weird, the rd4b is much simpler, and the “danny lift” isn’t really needed this year, as a RD4b that doesn’t “danny” reaches tall enough to complete a 18 tall stack. Besides, the “danny lift” doesn’t pivot in between itself, making it much taller even when fully collapsed it cant even go as tall, as its towers arnt as tall because otherwise the lift wouldn’t be as tall, so this more than makes up for the 180 degree extension

In addition, DR4B lose a lot of stability when they get to the very top of their travel range, so the modified DR4B just allows you to make more use of the least stable part of their movement range.