Pros cli installation failed

I’m trying to use pros this year and when I downloaded pros through vscode it went perfectly fine. However, when I try to verify pros installation it tells me that the CLI installation failed. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still does not work. Because the CLI installation failed, I can’t run anything with pros. How do I fix this issue?

How are you installing the CLI and OS please. I recommend installing the CLI through homebrew/not through VSCode as it can be buggy.

Yea I’m trying to use homebrew now

Hi, sorry that the VSCode installation did not work for you. Can I have a little bit more information and have you try something so that I can further improve the installer in future updates?

  1. what system are you on? Intel/m1/m2 mac, windows 10/11, or debian based linux distro.
  2. if you navigate to user settings → extensions → PROS and set One Click: CLI download url to the cli zip located here that is for your current system, and then try “Install PROS” from the sidebar does it work?

Ok my pros work now but vscode says there are errors even though the pros says there are no errors. Is this just a vscode thing or is this something with pros?

It is just a VSCode thing. If you open up the PROS Integrated Terminal (accessible through the Integrated Terminal Button in the PROS Sidebar) and run the command pros build-compile-commands it will show you all real errors (if any), while also fixing most if not all of VSCode’s fake errors.