PROS Command failed when attempting to create project

Hi. Recently when attempting to create a new project using the PROS extension on VSCode, I have run into the error attached below.
I have already attempted a few methods to resolve this, such as uninstalling PROS and reinstalling multiple times, as well as restarting VSCode. Yet, I still am consistently facing this error. May I know if there is any solution or workaround. I am on Windows 10. Thanks!

This happens sometimes due to a couple of problems.

  1. the environment variables we set can sometimes mess up and cause the sidebar buttons to fail. This is most likely the problem you are encountering.
  2. other random errors with the cli can cause the VSCode extension to hang when calling commands. This is most likely the problem when the “building project” button will seem to be loading forever

Problem number 1 has a fix that we are aiming to release in the next few weeks alongside a CLI update. We are currently working on a fix for problem number 2, but it will take some time.

Generally, to fix your problem, all you need to do is open the PROS Integrated Terminal (accessible by clicking the Integrated Terminal button in the PROS sidebar. If the button still does not work after that, simply copy paste the command into the terminal and run it from there. pros c n "C:\Users\isaac\OneDrive\Documents\8076 SingVex 22-23" v5 latest

There is a decent chance you will run into the error error pros not found or something similar, aswell as an error along the lines of make: arm-none-eabi-g++ not found. Let me know if you run into those and I can help solve them.


Thank you so much for the quick response! After running the above command in the terminal, the project now creates properly.

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