PROS for Atom Publicly Available

The PROS development team is pleased to announce the general availability of PROS
for Atom!

About PROS

PROS is a lightweight and fast alternative open source operating system for the VEX Cortex Microcontroller. Built using GCC, PROS utilizes the full functionality of the C language to maximize the potential of the Cortex Microcontroller and teach industry-standard coding practices. PROS is built with developers in mind and with a focus on providing an environment for industry-applicable experience.

New Features

Check out our new website and branding at PROS documentation should now be easier to browse (and is mobile-friendly!).

We’ve built new installers for Windows, OS X, and Debian-based Linux (community support available for Arch). You can go to to always get the latest installer for your computer.

Note that for Windows, Smart Screen may notify you that the app you are trying to download couldn’t be verified (these installers are new and it turns out Authenticode certificates are expensive). To bypass this message, click “More Info”, then “Run Anyway”.

PROS for Atom is now generally available for everyone to use (originally in a beta program). We believe Atom will provide a much more enjoyable programming experience for new and experienced developers alike. It is more customizable, looks better, and has better syntax checking than Eclipse. Check out some screen shots below:

If Atom isn’t to your taste, the PROS Command Line Interface enables you to perform all the same PROS project management tasks as Atom (like new project creation and uploading binaries), but from command prompt or through a plugin in your favorite editor. Additionally, the Windows and OS X installers make Atom optional to install, so you can just install the CLI and toolchain necessary to work with PROS.

The PROS kernel has been open sourced. Feel free to make modifications and share with others. If you find something to improve, please shoot us a pull request. The PROS Development Team appreciates the support of the incredibly skilled users in this community and we look forward to the future of PROS as a project backed by the VEX community as a whole. An important note on PROS licensing: all PROS source code projects are licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. Binary distributions (i.e., kernel templates that have been previously distributed) will continue their license under the Modified BSD 3-Clause license.

It’s finally here!

Clap along with Steve Ballmer:

Wow, released 3 days after I switched over to pros. This is incredible!

Wohooooooo PROS masterrace


Get it trending

@edjubuh My Atom is throwing errors when trying to create a project. “Failed to register project” and “failed to create project”
The "Choose a template: " dropdown also refuses to fetch data.

Here is the log info. I believe a shortlink is incorrect in the code.

Hi NattyMan0007,

Can you open command prompt/terminal and run pros conduct first-run? If there are any error messages, can you share them? Additionally, what operating system are you using?

It appears that the cli never got added to PATH.
After adding “C:\Program Files\PROS\cli-64” to PATH then the error messages are as follows

OS is Windows 10 Pro x64

Natty, the PROS installer generated an installation log wherever you ran pros-win.exe from. Can you open an issue on GitHub or direct message me the log?

Very nice. Josiah has been blathering on about how great this is. He absolutely loves what you all are doing with PROS and has loved switching from RobotC to PROS.

By the way, our KIDS Inc team is looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Do you have a preference either lunch time or right after we are done around 4 or 4:30? I would prefer after, but we want to consider your schedule as well.

Nice work! I’m really enjoying the way Atom looks.
However, I’ve run into an annoying (at least for me) aesthetics issue. If I update (or uninstall and reinstall) the PROS package in Atom, it adds an extra set of buttons, leading to a taskbar that looks like this (look in the attachments, haven’t figured out how to use the /url image command yet). Any help in fixing this would be appreciated.
Note: uninstalling the package doesn’t remove the buttons. That might be the problem.
atom annoyance.PNG

@TheWorld Sorry you’re having trouble! That does look like it would be pretty annoying. Can you let me know what happens when you do ctrl-alt-R from within atom?

It worked.
I’m assuming that’s the refresh graphics shortcut?

Yeah, ctrl-alt-R reloads the whole editor.

Also, it’s interesting that you have some of those icons, as the toolbar shouldn’t look like that in the latest version…
@TheWorld make sure you have the right version installed from here