PROS for Eclipse Announcement

Purdue SIGBOTS is pleased to announce the upgrade to PROS for Eclipse. There are major updates available for the Eclipse environment. There have been no changes to the kernel, so its version remains 2b10. If you don’t want to read the release notes, you can grab the installers for Windows here. Be sure to check the breaking changes to PROS for Eclipse.

GitHub Migration

We are excited to have migrated to GitHub. The Eclipse plugins and features are now hosted there. You can check out the source at We’ve also migrated PROS documentation to GitHub - you can view it at We’re also beginning to use GitHub issues to track bugs, problems, and feature requests to the PROS kernel ( and PROS for Eclipse environment ( If you’re just looking for coding help, still feel free to post here on the forum (please create a new thread).

Release Notes

Below are the highlights of what’s new:

  • Upgrade to Eclipse 4.5.1 (Mars.1), Eclipse CDT (8.8), RXTX (
  • Icon, splash screen, documentation facelift
  • Plugins are now bundled in feature
  • Eclipse environment built off of a standalone Eclipse product, not bundled together with standard prepackaged Eclipse for C developers (slimmed down Eclipse size, despite larger installers)
  • PROS toolchain updates
  • Fixed bug where g++ compiler hangs
  • Toolchain is now bundled with Eclipse feature
  • Toolchain is no longer required to be in the PATH when just using the Eclipse environment
  • Updates will now be delivered using built-in Eclipse tools. You will only need to reinstall PROS with major updates.
  • Firmware Upgrade Utility is no longer provided in the installation process.
  • New PROS CLI for creating and upgrade projects. Open up command prompt and execute

pros -h

to check it out. Eclipse hooks into the CLI so future updates to the kernel will no longer require a new version of the Eclipse plugins

Breaking changes to PROS for Eclipse

The update to Eclipse CDT and the new toolchain updates creates breaking changes for Eclipse projects that want to support the removal of the PROS toolchain from your PATH. New projects will support the changes, but old projects will need to go through an upgrade process. We recommend creating a copy of your project in case something goes wrong. You can upgrade any project by going opening the PROS Upgrade Window: Open the VEX menu and click “Upgrade PROS Project”. Select the project you want to upgrade and click “Finish”. If something horrific happens, please let us know and we’ll try to resolve it quickly.

We are currently testing Linux and OS X installers, however you can manually install the IDE by following the instructions here (applies to all OS’s except for OS X currently).

Finally, if you’re on Windows and used the previous “hack” to get to a newer version of PROS for Eclipse, we recommend deleting that Eclipse installation and reinstalling PROS using these installers.

Great! PROS is taking a huge step forward with this update.

The PROS Eclipse plugin is open source, but the PROS kernel remains closed source, right?

Yes, you are correct the kernal remains closed source. Now back to testing the OSX installers…

Sorry to ask a stupid question, but I am new to PROS… What is Eclipse? Sorry I just don’t know enough about it, but want to learn.

Its the IDE, basically the program you write code in, which has been modified/built on to make PROS.

Ok. Thank you.

I get back on the VEX forums after the long weekend to find that the long awaited PROS update is finally out, yippee! I look forward to installing it

Thanks PROS team!