PROS Gyro Integrator

How is PROS’s gyro integrator? I’ve heard that VCS’s is worse and as a result we’ve experienced a ridiculous amount of drift/gyro inconsistencies using VCS (and this was with the robot being completely still). I’ve heard that PROS has a better gyro integrator so I’m considering switching our current program from VCS to PROS.

In general, how is gyro drift for you people using PROS? In VCS our gyro would immediately start drifting and after about 30 seconds of complete stillness the gyro would already be 1 or 2 degress off, regardless of how long we calibrated it for.

The gyro implementation in VCS is the same as it in PROS 3. With PROS 2 running on the Cortex, we had what many considered a superior gyro integrator. Perhaps that’s what you have heard.

I see, thank you for the clarification. Time to resort to encoder turning…

Our team experienced the same issues with the gyro on the PROS 3 dev platform. After calibration ( gyro completely level and motionless), there was significant drift such that the gyro control was not feasible. Thinking there was a hardware issue ( gyro was not cared for well) I purchased a replacement for the team but had similar results. I opened an issue with the PROS team and received a response that confirmed the comments above, the underlying ADI integrator could use some work. I’m hoping that a fix can be added or a hook provided to allow custom integrators to be added. The team spent time and money on a device that, in my opinion, is not suitable and can’t be used with the V5 platform.