PROS lcd on the Brain

How can i print colored graphics on the screen or adjust the font size?

here is a base project showing LVGL GUI with a few buttons. There are two examples selected by a define (which is misspelled from its usage - BTMN should be BTNM - i’m a dyslexic typist - maybe i’ll fix it when i get to use a battery and brain).

[email protected]:timeconfusing/v5gui.git

I haven’t changed the size of fonts. It looks like only one font and size are precompiled in the archive.

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Yes, that was to keep the default binary size slim.

Shameless plug:
I have a library that would allow people to add more fonts to PROS. Currently I’ve added support for some CJK fonts, but I’m open to pull requests that add other fonts :smile:

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I think my team would like to also have a size 2x larger than what is currently available. I don’t think they need any other fonts though.

Sure. You can of course convert the font yourself and include it directly in your project.

though for the record, libfonts doesn’t force you to use the other fonts at all, they’re just available if you want to use them-- gated behind some macros