Protobot Beta 1.3 is now available!

basic question, but, did you put a nut on the other end of the screw? Because it should work otherwise

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Thank you for being polite, but I did put nuts on the screws. I tried using both the transition tool and the move tool, but neither worked.


Would you be able to add pneumatics in 1.3.1

You could always use box select if it’s not working

Question: Will Protobot ever be available on Mac or other IoS devices? Our team only has iMacs and iPads so we can’t really use it at the moment. I’m going to get it on my personal device, but it would be nice if we could use it at our practice locations.


question will you ever be able to export as stl or obj?

This is a really good CAD program and me and my team have been using it a bunch so far this season.

I was wondering if you have any plans to add tank treads or chains to the program because I think that that would be a really useful addition.

Other than that though, it is has been really useful so far and me and my team are super grateful for this resource.


For some reason it will not let me delete anything i have tried everything and tested my keyboard so I do not know what else to do.

Delete can be a little weird. Just make sure you are hitting the delete key not the backspace key and hit it until it deletes which will usually be less than 5 times.

You should also try using the box select feature to select the item, then click delete. You could also move the item before deleting it. This is what I do, and it normally works.

While in the features, of dragging the pieces, or moving them up or down with the arrows, sometimes the “delete” key will hang up and you need to press it twice. Though there could be a different problem at hand.

How to I get Protobot out of Spanish???

you could try to redownload the software