Prototype 12ft Wall & Strategy

Would this design even be legal? According to this Q and A,

the Robot should be able to be pulled away from the Goal in some horizontal direction, without lifting the Robot off of the field tiles, and without damaging, disassembling, or violating any laws of physics of the Goal and/or Robot.

Although, in this case, the robot is not specifically wrapped around the goals like the examples described in the Q and A, so I don’t know how this rule could be interpreted for this design.

no this’d be illegal cuz it violates the laws of physics

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(Made before the post)


Quick wall concept

base level design (far from full)

besides the obvious stuff like using boxed steel, having boxed joints, flip out anti-tips, using locked omnis instead, etc

I don’t know why I thought this would prevent structural integrity posts :slight_smile:

So if your home goals are not filled completely a lift or a snail could score over that wall.

Step 1 in the strategy is to finish the home row.

The only issue I see is that the tether could easily wrap around the center goal which could be ruled as grappling the field based off of some of the Q and A answers regarding cages.

A tether should be able to move freely when pulled to be effective.

you need to do a proper and thorough game analysis to see how and when you should deploy the wall

Game strategy was supposed to be the focus of the post. Step 2 in the strategy is to place the wall between the home row and the middle row. This is so an autonomous deployment is easily viable, there’s less distance to travel when dumping balls, and the perimeter is far enough away to not count as possessed. Plus if you want to block a middle goal you need to be closer to the line. The one way gate/ramp upgrade acknowledges that with increased capability an autonomous deployment would be best.

Would this design even be legal? According to this Q and A

The wall would not intentionally be braced against a field element.

I appreciate all you that are trying to help me improve the quality of the wall, but for context I’m a graduate that for fun slapped the wall together as a visual for the strategy (Though I’m sure you’re helping new students looking through this thread - love you @meng). I hope this post clears things up a little.


That’s a cool robot idea

Wow this is a super cool plan! But I think it would be very mean to use, I don’t think you’ll make alot of friends with it.

side steps out of frame


If you can build it and it fits within rules it doesn’t matter just be respectful and you will be fine