Purdue SIGBots Wiki Summer Update - 6/3

Hello VEX Community!

We hope the Over Under season has been progressing well for everyone so far. The Purdue SIGBots Wiki Development Team has been hard at work making improvements to the Wiki, which we are excited to share!

First, you will have noticed some changes to the home page of the Wiki! We have made these changes in order to highlight some of the popular topics within the VEX community, making these articles easier to find. Additionally, we have moved the VEX Worlds Livestream Archive to the top of the navigation sidebar and added the 2023 Worlds livestreams!

Additionally, we have continued to add to the Introduction to VEX Parts category - you can now find information on bearings, retainers, various metal components, and more here! The aim of this category is to contain information on as many VRC-legal parts as possible, so expect even more additions in the coming months.

The Wiki Team has also continued to work on improving our Software section, namely with the inclusion of the new Cheesy Drive Article, and the in-progress development of many new programming-focused articles to be released later this summer.

To help teams prepare for the documentation and interviews in the upcoming seasons, the Wiki Team has released Rubric Breakdown articles for both the Engineering Notebook and Design Interview. We hope that these articles help to prepare teams for the upcoming competition season.

Lastly, we have created a google form for community suggestions of topics you would like to see added to the Purdue SIGBots wiki. We are always looking to improve this resource, and welcome any feedback teams are willing to provide.

As always, we welcome contributions to the wiki! If you are interested in contributing to this project, please see our Contributing Guidelines.

Thank you for reading, and good luck in Over Under!

  • SIGBots Wiki Team

I just checked out the website…nice work! I think I can confidently say that it will help me with this upcoming season :grin: