Purposely Detachable Parts

Just curious on the legality of an idea I’ve got. I can’t find the official Q&A for 2022-2023 yet.

My idea was to “shoot” a part off of the robot, but keep it tethered to the bot with some rope. The projectile could be made retractable as well.

I do know that rule G5 says: “Robots may not intentionally detach parts during the Match or leave mechanisms on the field.”

But is it considered detached if it’s still technically attached via rope? :thinking:
It may not be a good idea anyway if it’s so close to violating a significant rule.


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In years past, it would count as part of your robot and not violate G5. If you really want clarification, I would recommend asking in the q and a.


This is a bit like people wanting to unroll string. I saw some people wanting to try to put metal on the rope to make it legal, so that has the same premise as this. This will probably be clarified when the Q&A opens.

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I’ll definitely ask the Q&A then when it becomes available.

Is there any rule in the game manual that suggests it would be considered detached in that scenario?

Rope is no different from any other legal material - if a pet of the robot is attached with rope, then it’s attached.

(But if you’re laying a bunch of rope all over the field, entanglement risk may or may not be a concern depending on context.)


That’s kinda what I was thinking, that being attached to rope would be fine, since it’s a legal part. I’m not sure there’s a rule that says otherwise.

The entanglement hazard would be something we’d have to consider for the idea.

<SG4> is a thing my friend


This is the same thing that apophis did back in round up… it was legal tho

<SG4> is probably the reason he’s thinking about it:

There are no horizontal expansion limits during the Endgame.

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Was it round up or toss up?


Toss Up

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yeah… my fading memory still working.


That’s crazy! Before my time though.

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