Python autonomous code on the old Cortex

I am a teacher and robotics coach. We use v5 for the club and the old cortexes for the class. I have searched high and low for an example autonomous program in Python for the old cortex. I can find many for v5 in Python or the old cortex in RobotC, but we are sticking with Python for my classes and the club this year. Does anyone have an example or resource?

We are mainly looking for the commands/syntax for the drive motors but will be adding a claw and arm later.



If the students are completely brand new to RMS Python, a good place to start is actually with Blockly, since it generates syntactically correct Python code. Click on the Generated Code tab on the following link to view the Python code.

Here is a basic competition program: It drives forward for one second, then stops. You may have to change the joystick axises, since I didn’t look up which ones are forward/back on the old VEXnet controller.

VRC information may be tough to find or out of date for Cortex, since it has been nearly universally replaced by V5 for competition use, due to the more powerful motors in the V5 system.

Cheers, Sam