Q+A threads sorted by rule

One of the problems with rule enforcement at Vex tournaments is that finding a particular ruling from the Q+A can be very time consuming, while the window teams have in which to complain to the referees about an incorrect ruling is very brief:

With the goal of making this process faster (both for my team and for others), I downloaded all the Q+A threads in text form and sorted them by the rules they are relevant to. This should allow teams (and refs, if they use it, which I certainly would if I were reffing) to find relevant rulings much more quickly, and because it’s all offline it can be used at Worlds without wifi or mobile data. Of course, you will need to know which rule numbers correspond to which rules so you will need to read the game manual first. The zip file is attached below (it’s just a set of folders with a text file for each thread). If you want an in-browser version (on Google Drive) you can go here.

I admit that in its current form this is very rushed, but it’s good enough for my own purposes and it’s what I had time for. The text files themselves are (mostly) readable but not at all well formatted, and while I did curate the threads a little there are still a lot of duplicate questions. If anyone wants to take over and turn this into an app or a website, or just clean up the file and folder names and remove some of the less useful threads, you’re more than welcome to.

Next season, AURA should be releasing a rules app that not only sorts threads into their relevant rules, but that also has other features like keyword search and (hopefully) ranking threads by how useful the information is. That project is currently in development, and it should hopefully make keeping up with the rules a whole lot easier.
sorted Q+As.zip (410 KB)