Q: What IMU heading bugs were fixed in VexOS 1.1?

Just updated to VexOS 1.1. Thank you dev team for your hard work.

Very interested in the “Bug fixes for IMU heading issue” line listed under New Features. What type of changes were made and what did they fix?

Is there a link somewhere else where the features / changes / bug fixes are described in more detail?

Thank you.

That was a pretty small fix, not sure why it was even mentioned, it just fixed a bug when setting the IMU to a different heading using the VEXcode inertial::setHeading method, float values were being truncated to the closest integer value. It did not affect reading heading from the IMU.

VEX does not publish detailed release notes.

Major changes for V1.1.0 were support for GPS sensor, some internal changes to the controller in preparation for proposed changes to competition control and support for some hardware updates caused by the global semi-conductor shortage.


Thanks James for always providing a quick and informative answer.

As a side note, I truly believe detailed release notes would help teams and coaches by both exposing them to the world of properly documenting code and also help them program more efficiently. High level stuff is great for beginners and people who don’t want to dive deep but if you want to write efficient code you need to understand the nitty gritty of how the thing you program for works.

Thanks again.