Question about Teamwork Scoring

I was watching this event hosted by REC, the first VEX IQ Rise Above teamwork competition, and I had a question about the scoring.

The below screenshot shows two teams with a score of 138. I am very unsure how this is possible with this match. They way I see it, this would be a score of 45 points: 1 completed stack, one completed row, 12 scored risers.

I checked the game manual, and rule LRT5 says that

“To score a Completed Stack, the Goal must meet the criteria of a Completed Stack on one (1) Team’s field. a. applies to Completed Stacks. A Completed Stack must be within a Completed Row, but the Completed Row does not need to be contained within the same Team’s field as the Completed Stack.”

Pages 34 and 35 give examples of what is a completed stack and what is not a completed stack. Page 32 confirms that the point values are still the same as all the other field setups.

I cannot find anything in the manual saying that these stacks of three risers are completed stacks, and if anyone can, I would like to know.

Below is another image of two teams scoring exactly 100 points. This is an impossible score to get (if I am wrong, someone please let me know), and other matches have gotten similarly difficult scores, such as 67 points.



It seems like the software that they use automatically adds the 30 bonus points for a completed stack even though it is not in a completed row. This is something that they will probably be working on to fix. They have set this competition as a non-qualifying competition and for streaming purposes only so the results would not count but is definitely an issue for anyone using this software for their competitions. Tournament manager seems to work properly so I think they just need to fix that error and the scores would then be proper.

Thank you for bringing this up and hopefully we can get the right people tagged to help fix this error. The only one I know that probably can tag the right people is @DRow

Best of luck with your season.


Good to know that becouse this saterday I have an skills tournment.

Lol what? This post has nothing to do with skills.

If that’s the case, then they probably could’ve made it a bit easier on the eyes. I had to look really closely to see the robots at all. Is this software going to handle the livestreams too? If so, they should make it possible to show just the matches, and then the full screen. Otherwise, TM would work quite a lot better.