Question Regarding State Qualification

First of all, I have read through the qualifying criteria, but I couldn’t find anything regarding this scenario.

At this tournament, there were 4 spots for event regional championships. 2 for tournament champions and 2 for the excellence awards at each grade level. Out of state teams won all 4 of these spot. The 2 tournament champion spots and high school excellence award went down the list of Kansas skills scores at the event (15352A, 21020B, and 15352B). However, the 4th Kansas team on the skills list ( 66086B) also recieved a Kansas state qualification. No Kansas middle school teams were present. Doesn’t seem that 66086B should receive a spot, but I couldn’t find anything regarding this very specific scenario. Any clarification would be appreciated.


It was a blended event, so they would pull off of skills in number order. You would need to look at the MS skills scores


I understand that. However, there were no Kansas middle school teams and the state spot can’t go to a Missouri team. The spot went to the next unqualified Kansas High school team on the skills list.

So that spot that should have gone to a MS team for excellence ended up going to a high school team. That makes sense to me. In general, spots are rarely tied to a grade level, so given that the spot didn’t go to the team that earned the spot, it just goes to the skills list from that event. There is no provision in the QC to save a MS spot for a MS team. They just go down the skills list in order.

Your local EEM would have made the call. Perhaps ask them to see what their thoughts were.


but this spot shouldn’t have gone to a HS team when its a MS spot and they are completely separated tournaments. This is just what i believe though

@9MotorGang I am 15352A, I was wondering the same thing, that award did go to a Missouri team, but the spot went to a High School team. Thats a middle school state spot so i agree with you that it should have gone to a Kansas middle school team or should have been terminated. Can’t wait to see your bot on the 17th btw. GL to you guys.

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Cool to see some more Kansas teams on the forum. You guys have had a pretty good run this season. I can share you some details about the bot if you reach out to me on discord. User 9MotorGang#8703

thanks man, duckies program gave me his discord to add me to the your guys group channel, but he hasn’t accepted my friend request. I will add you when i get home. seeing how no service likes our school.

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So it doesn’t matter what the award was, it just goes to the skills list for that event.

I don’t think that is something they really anticipated and they might think about changing it so that the MS Excellence spot would then go to a MS team on the skills list. That feels fair to me, but it’s not what the criteria currently says to do. It just says the next unqualified team.

I think it’s pretty rare for teams to compete out of region and win the MS excellence (or Elem Excellence for IQ).

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This is why in Delmarva we run split events so the MS / HS teams get equal chances. From a TM standpoint running two 16 team events or a 32 team blended event is the same.

So the rules say “16 teams to be an event” but that is the offer, not the game day result.