Question regarding Worlds MS LRT Finals

This is a question regarding the MS Worlds LRT Finals.

From the document and also during Teams Meeting, it was mentioned that the 4 MS division champions will be playing each other in an elimination format, i.e. Science vs Math and Engineering vs Technology.

But I just realised there isn’t a Math division.
Do anyone here know if there is any changed in the format or any idea how is this going to be carried out?


This is just my suspicion and I could be wrong…

In China there is a Worlds event that is being run in-person for both MS and HS. It’s stated on their event pages that the champions of those events will go on to play in the VEX Worlds LRT division finals. So I suspect that the MS Math “division” is being run in China, and so are the HS Physics and Automation ”divisions”.

Could be wrong though. I tried to get confirmation about this at the drivers meeting Q&A but no response…


Think you might be right actually.

My students found this…

MicrosoftTeams-image (19)

sigh… I am not exactly looking forward to playing against the top china teams… lol…


actually i am not so sure about this… simply because I am not sure do they have a different robot for LRT?


People have made robots that can get up to 27 balls in the middle goal just for worlds, which is pretty hard to beat with a normal snail bot.


Well… as i said… who knows, maybe they have a different LRT robot?

Edit: anyway, it doesnt matter. My teams are really just glad that we still can compete and get involved in worlds.
The recent surge in cases in Singapore almost forced us to withdraw from worlds. So we are truly glad for every match that we still can play in worlds.


Ha, I read your reply wrong, my bad.
Good luck!

The Math Division in the MS Worlds LRT Finals is the champion from the 2021 Live Remote VEX Robotics World Champions Asia Pacific division being hosted in China. The Math Division is an LRT Division using the LRT rules and is being run by the REC Foundation staff in China.



So does this also applies to the Physics and Automation division in High school?

Is this the MS Math division event?: Robot Events: 2021 VEX Robotics World Championship - VEX Robotics Competition Middle School Asia Pacific Division. Also, will the webcast of this event be published?

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Where are the videos from the China MS Divisions? They should be publicly published and available for all teams.

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On the topic of this, having the China HS divisions published would also be great for scouting.


In terms of scouting, the teams in China are actually competing in person so they are just using the normal rules.


According to Dan’s reply (above), it seems like this Math Div is a LRT division, and not in-person.


I mean, it sounds weird, but they gonna do in-person first and the winners will join the 22th final.

Based on what I’ve heard in this thread, it sounds like the high school teams will be competing in an in-person tournament in China, and the winners will join the LRT on Saturday at Worlds, while the middle school teams will be competing in the LRT Asia Pacific division. I could be mistaken, though.

Edit: The Asia-Pacific division in Robot Events that @jrp62 posted is listed as an in-person tournament, but Dan Mantz said it would be LRT, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe there’s another Asia-Pacific Division that’s an LRT, or maybe the one on Robot Events is mislabeled.

Edit 2: Or, like @9MotorGang said, it’s an in-person tournament that uses the LRT rules (I guess with 4 fields set up and each team competing on a separate field). The same could be true for high school.

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Dan Mantz has clearly stated that the China tournament is using LRT rules. Yes the event might be in person, but they are still following the LRT rules.


Yes, I would love to see how China is doing at worlds? Are the events being live-streamed?

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I have not seen a link yet…

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