Questions about 2" Mecanum wheels

As I’m sure many of you know, the 2" VexPro Mecanum wheels were made vrc legal not to long ago:

I have a few questions about these wheels which should be easy for anyone who has used them to answer:

  • How are these comparable to the old ones, other than being smaller and lighter? Do they strafe and drive better?

  • Does anybody think that a direct 600 rpm drive ratio on them would be viable? This kind of ties into the first question.

Thanks in advance.


hold on for that bumpy ride.


Sorry to bump this, but has anyone used these in vrc, and can you comment on their quality and usability? I’m wondering whether or not it’s worth it to order these for next year.

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We tried some in a 600RPM configuration.

TL;DR is they don’t work very well on a drive.

The problem with the 2" mecnaums is that there is very little clearance between the rims and OD, when used on a ‘normal’ weight robot (~12-15lbs) the wheels will sink into the field tiles which inhibit their ability to strafe.


Going off of what @Amadeus said, one would probably use these wheels for intakes or some other system on a robot. I know in FRC, some small mecanums have been used to shuffle balls to the center of a feeder along a straight surface.

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I think using these would be difficult given the very little clearance between the wheel and ground like what Amadeus said. However they probably perform similar but parking may a challenge.

For 600 rpm I don’t think you should ever try a 600 rpm direct there is just too little torque to move a bot over 10 lbs.

Perhaps teams whose Tipping Point season is over would be able to test applications for these. Drivetrains are not the only use - the small size and nature may make them useful as intake mechanism that center objects. For example, similar to IRI Mecanum Wheels for Intakes - DEW Robotics