R1 subsystem motor changing

After checking the official Q & A and rereading the rules I am still confused on part of the R1 ruling. Sorry if I missed somewhere but a link to a forum I missed would also be great.

The rule is

Changing out subsystem 1 or 2 is illegal while 3 is legal as long as the robot is inspected in both configurations. The part I am confused about is whether or not you are allowed to switch two motors from the base to a lift and vice versa. The base motors are a part of subsystem 2 which makes me think it is illegal but the word “entire” in the sentence

is what makes me think this is legal. Anyone have links to an official ruling or if I can get an official ruling? Much appreciated.

Kind of this

There were similar questions back in Skyrise. Like

I would get an official clarification for this year.

I am sure that this is perfectly legal.

One of the clarifications to R1 says (emphasis mine),