R8g at Worlds Inspection


Would all the red affect an opponents vison sensor?, therefore the robot not passing inspection

I don’t think that it would be enough to (in most cases), although, if you do pass, know that if a vision sensor does act up during a match, it could be your robot and you need to resolve the situation as such. If possible, try wrapping it in black electrical tape/masking tape or painting it to reduce the chances of such.

I don’t think the red will be a problem, but the blue lexan might


May I ask why the lexan would be a problem?

Not anymore of a issue than the red/blue license plate every robot must have. Nothing on the robot looks like any of the game elements to me…


The normal plates mount to them.
I have flat black ones pending installation.

I was just saying it’s more likely to be a problem than the red

If your plates would cause a vision sensor malfunction then I think those could possibly. But since your plates are fine then I think those are too.

I hope so, I dont want to repaint it.

I thick it would not effect the vision sensor but making it another color or bringing extras of those pieces to competitions might be a good idea… XD


Make sure to sand down some of those sharp edges

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No sharp edges here!

Are you sure? There appears to be some jagged edges where the ball rests on the puncher


It’s perfectly smooth.

Inspectors might ask you to put a strip off electrical tape on the edge just to be absolutely certain it won’t cause any problems, but if it’s as smooth as you say, there should be no problem.

Passed inspection with flying colors!