Raising the Programming Bar

I love that @jpearman requests teams’ code from the end of the year to gather into a central repo:

For example:
vexcode-2020 · GitHub
vexcode-2019 · GitHub

I know this past season, especially with the advent of Digital Engineering Notebooks, led many judges to comment on how incredible some ENs were (to the point where some were of higher quality than what the judges’ own industry experience had).

In reviewing many of the submitted projects with the eye of a software professional, I can say that as a general rule, roboteers’ code quality is generally “rudimentary”. I don’t think I’ve seen a team project that I would hold up as an exemplar for others to follow. Not to say one doesn’t exist, just that I’ve not come across one.

In the spirit of raising the bar, what does the community think could help improve the situation?


learn object oriented programming. As someone who often look through people’s code on github, the amount of classes i see is disappointing


Yeah, I will say that the coding style of Okapilib is generally well thought out. Another good source is the WPI stuff for FRC/FTC, which is extremely well thought out and implemented:


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