Raspberry pi 4 with vex

i have problem figuring out a way of getting the Raspberry pi4 with vex to talk or communicate to each other.Could you help me with that?
Thank you

IQ, Cortex, or V5? (You categorized this as IQ, you should react to #v5-general-discussion:technical-discussion if Cortex or V5)

If IQ, IIRC the smart ports use I2C to talk to the devices, so should be technically possible to get a Pi to talk to an IQ brain over I2C. But I have no idea if it’d be practically possible or if any of the current software for IQ would support this.

If Cortex, the Cortex includes UART and I2C ports, and ROBOTC includes functions for talking to arbitrary devices over one or both protocols.

If V5, the V5 smart ports use RS485, and PROS allows you to talk to arbitrary devices over RS485 (see this thread for more info).

If none of the above was useful, some more info on the nature of your project and its goals would be helpful in providing further assistance.