Ratcheting systems

Throughout the forums I have seen many ideas for scoring mechanisms. However some of these incorporate ratchets. I was wondering not only the benefits of ratcheting systems but also show to go on about building one?

We were considering using a ratchet to “lock” our hang in place at the end of the match. However, if our team ends up choosing to a lift(4bar, 6bar etc.) to move the stars, we would probably use something like stanley shi’s pneumatic lock to maintain an elevation at the end of the match.

were actually doing a ratchet mechanism on our hanging winch to where we have the slack needed to get a high hang unwound already in the bot so all we do is make a winch drum out of 30T sprockets connected together with 1 inch standoffs we tie the rope to the middle high strength shaft then allow the standoffs to catch the rope as it pulls the robot up riding on the teeth of the sprocket is a standoff that is attached between two of the radial gusset plates with elastics on the outside. So as the winch winds up turning clockwise it hits the standoff which raises around the radial cut in gusset but once its all the way up the teeth catch the standoff and because the radial slot bottoms out it is now locked in super simple idea.

as to how to build a ratchet, here is a video for the one my team made, a large part of the video is explaining how the ratchet applied to a NBN robot, but you can find how to make it as well

Last year the most common application of ratchets was in mechanisms that only required to move in one way (i.e. flywheels and intakes) to power other subsystems. Most popular last year was using an intake motor on a ratchet to deploy a lift, or 323Z’s double ratchet from their flywheel to a linear puncher from earlier in the season.

Here is a 60t ratchet i innovated from a thread mid NBN season. It can’t back off and has a fairly high number of clicks per revolution.20160226_141816.jpg

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the team name nor find the video. However, I remember a very nice and compact zip-tie based ratchet that we really liked during our temporary flywheel-mania phase. We never ended up building it as we decided puncher was the best way to go for our team, but if anybody else recalls the video it could also serve as a nice example.

Stanley shi has a pneumatic lock? Can you maybe show me or link it? thanks.

It was @Peter_Bison1 that made it.
When some of the photos on the forum were deleted, it was one of them (I don’t know what actually happened).
If you see this @Peter_Bison1, can you please re-attach the photo?

Stanley made 3 versions of a pneumatic lock back in Skyrise.

Here are a couple photos of the ratchet. I can also post a video of it working if you want.
Photo on 2-2-16 at 7.40 AM.jpg
Photo on 2-2-16 at 7.39 AM.jpg

The ratchet I posted was a modification of 3211H’s. I didn’t like how the zipties would occasionally pop out, so I modified it so it can’t back off without twisting the axle.