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It’s hard to know exactly which transmitter/receiver pair you purchased from your question. If you have the VEXnet Joystick and cortex microcontroller, you can see the pinout of the cortex here.

Alternatively you may have the 75MHz transmitter and receiver along with with either the PIC micro controller or signal splitter.

The pinout for the PWM signal on the signal splitter is the same as the cortex. If you are using VEX PWM cables with either setup, ground is the black wire, +5V the red wire and the pwm signal is on the white wire.

Hope this helps, if not give us some more details on the parts you have.

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All you need is a signal splitter. The output of the receiver is a PPM signal (pulse position modulation), the Dimension engineering motor controller will not take this as far as I can see. The pinout on the receiver (for power and ground) is the same as the RX1 input on the PIC I think, see this, and then check with a meter if there’s any concern.

**PIC RX1 or RX2 Ports
Pin 1 - Power +5 volts (the right most pin when looking at the front connector on the VEX Controller)
Pin 2 - Receiver
Pin 3 - Gnd
Pin 4 - Tether Detect (the left most pin when looking at the front connector on the VEX Controller))

Pin 2 has the PPM signal and has all 6 channels encoded as six sequential pulses, you need to convert this into six RC PWM signals using the signal splitter (or something else like an arduino), two of which then go to your motor controller.

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As jpearman says, the Signal Splitter is exactly what you need to drive 6 servo signals from the 75MHz Transmitter and Receiver pair.

However, if you would prefer to make your own or just get a better idea of how the PPM signal is broken out into 6 individual servo PWM channels, have a look at this writeup.


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