Rectractable Claw Design

Hello everyone.
Recently, my team has been working on a claw of sorts attached to a four bar, that’s main purpose was to latch onto a mobile goal, and then elevate it into the platform. It’s design is made in a way that uses pneumatics, an air pump which rotates the claw. At the start of the game, we have it flipped inwards, so that we can remain in size. But we are struggling on getting the “flip out” system to function the way we want it to. Does anyone have any ideas?


Personally I don’t think that you want a flip out claw. This is because a claw that need to flip out will have a lot of leverage on the robot. Keeping the claw as close as you can to the robot will mean you are less tippy in matches when holding a mobile goal. The platform isn’t that high so I would try shortening the 4-bar so that the lift can rest in the robot and not be flip out, making the robot more simple and less tippy.

Best of luck to you though with the flip out claw, I am not sure exactly what your design looks like and maybe it is the right thing to do. Just don’t make the claw beyond your robots tipping point.


Stop. Just Stop. Please.


I can try and get out a picture or 2, I just don’t have them on me at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for the advice though!

Can you describe the flip out system in more detail? Maybe a few pictures?

I can try and get some pictures out as soon as possible. As stated before, unfortunately, I don’t have the claw with me at the moment.

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