Referee, how would you handle these situations?

As a referee, how would you handle these situations for elementary age students? and would you make any corrections to the score?

#1 A goal fence rail comes out of the holder while a match is in progress. It’s unclear if the goal fence rail was securely attached at the beginning of the match.

#2 A student puts down their controller to fix their robot. After fixing the robot they put the robot about 1/2 of a square away from the field edge and begin to drive again before you correct them.

#3 While grabbing their robot that has tumbled off of the ramp, a student knocks 1 ball out of it’s cut-out on the ramp.

#4 A student fixes their robot during a match, and neglects to remove a ball from the robot, neglects to place the robot against the field edge… The student started driving and scored the ball in the scoring zone before you could get their attention to correct the problems?

If I were a referee (I’m not, I’m a coach) what I would do:

  1. This is the hardest one. I’d tell the team that they need to make sure the field is correctly set-up. Then try to give them as many points as possible. Possibly try to rerun the match. Tough call.
  2. Is the robot required to touch the wall on restarts this year? If so, I would give the team a warning (after the match)
  3. I would return the ball to the cut-out AFTER THE MATCH, and explain that the rules state that the team could be disqualified for doing that.
  4. After the match, remove the ball from the scoring zone, and explain the rule.

Presuming there are no extenuating circumstances, previous warnings, etc.

  1. Score the match as it appears at the end of the match.
  2. Provide instruction and clarification regarding the rule to the students after the match concludes.
  3. Return the ball to the cut-out. Provide instruction regarding contact with the ramp after match.
  4. Un-score the ball in question. Provide explanation to students after match concludes.