Regional Competitions

I live in the UK and was wondering if you are allowed to enter more than one regional competition.

There’s no limit to the number of local (regional) competitions you can enter. Check the specifics of the competitions on

Occasionally, events are only open to certain groups of people (sometimes “League” events or “invitational” events. National/state events you generally have to qualify for at a local (regional) competition.


I would reach out to the RSM there:

VEX IQ Challenge
Bridie Gaynor
United Kingdom
+44 1925 251038

I know in the past there were so few competitions that they all qualified to WORLDS, so there still might be some different things going on there.

In the qualifying criteria, typically the “regional” competitions are the ones that you have to qualify for from “local” competitions, there are typically three levels. So it would go:

  1. “local”
  2. “state, regional, provincial, and/or national”
  3. “world”



I wasn’t quite sure how to put it, since OP is in the UK, and I don’t know how they are set up. In the US, “regional” might be the equivalent of a “state” competition when a few US states are too small to have individual state comps, but one year in Michigan, we had “west Michigan” and “east Michigan” Regional events, to pare down the field for the Michigan State competition.

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In the UK regionals are equivalent to “local” events, with no qualifying criteria. You can enter as many of these as you like. If you win, you get a spot at the nationals, which has multiple awards (div champion, excellence etc.) which will qualify you to worlds. Works pretty much the same way as in the US, except replace state championships with national championships.
side note: There are far more IQ teams in the UK than spots, so there are no free passes due to low team count. Even though I’m in VRC, apparently VIQC over here can be somewhat competitive too.


Yep, once you are registered, you can enter as many local events as you like.

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