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Users could self police, am I VEX staff ? No, then don’t reply. I understand that with the old forums, official questions could sometimes go unanswered for weeks and we only ended up with these categories as a result of the migration, but when that happened often the question would be moved into an unofficial one.

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There are around 70 regulars (all of who have proven their devotion to the VEX forum which is why they are given the “Regular” badge). It is much easier to ask 70 regulars to not abuse the title/channel change compared to asking the entire VEX Forum from the entire range of activity and devotion to always look at the channels of each and every topic post they see and for everyone to not post in a channel that has not been blocked and was given fair game to everyone. Granted yes, the channels are obvious and it is something easy to read. But, even for me, the most I generally look at is if its VRC or VEX IQ but rarely see the subchannel its in.


I actually pitched this idea publicly closer to the launch of the new forum. Didn’t gain a lot of rallying support, but I got the impression people liked the idea.

My idea was that DRow could pitch out a few trustworthy members to run for TL4 “election” every so often or whenever he sees fit.

Some, like Technik3K, meng, and quite a few others totally can be trusted with TL4, or at least full-access TL3.

Alas, I feel like this would be really hard to set up and maintain. DRow probably wouldn’t go for it, although we could try to lobby the idea. (?)


perhaps we could just bump a most users back down to TL2 and leave a few at TL3.


Trust Level is based on the trust the forum has with someone, so I think this will be a perfect solution, I agree.


Maybe have a three strike system so if someone is abusing their power they will be demoted.


I feel like this solution works pretty well, less work for the IFI IT Team and everyone else involved.


VEX is not in the business of developing forum software, and they probably do not intend to be either.

For a solution to be workable, it should be already accounted for within Discourse’s capabilities or require only a small amount of manual effort.

(Discourse has no such strike system)


Its a good theoretical but you are right about the lack if such a system.

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The strike system could be done manually.

If it’s possible to demote people to TL2 manually, then this would be a good solution.

However, I would recommend increasing the maximum number of likes per day for TL2 (and TL3) users if this is possible. (If there is a problem with people liking too many posts, there could be a guideline about this in the forum rules, and people who still violate it could be bumped down to a lower level.)


This just leaves the forum mods open to people attacking them after being demoted…

I think this is a really good suggestion, again I do not know how granular that system is.


I like to be able to reply in that thread. The turn time with support on the phone is 10 mins, emails is a few hours, the forum can be days. Now that I can answer, and I know the answer, or know the diagnostics to ask for, I do so. I have a pretty good fix record over there.

I can easily go back to the method of creating a matching thread and doing the fix over there.

As an aside In that thread the user wrote Cortex in the title, that’s why I wrote to ask what lights were on.


I agree with @Foster Foster. Perhaps a better title would be “ask the experts.” Those of us who are “experts” in various fields can answer questions within our areas of expertise. Remember in past years, there were lots of “unofficial answer to…” when a novice user would post a pretty simple question to a restricted thread.


I agree, but how do we gauge who is a masterof what?

I’d expect that those of us with expertise in various fields can simply answer when we know what we’re talking about, and stay out of it when not absolutely sure. You won’t find me answering programming questions (except Graphical RobotC for VEXIQ), but I’ll be right there with answers about pneumatics, SolidWorks, Metallurgy, etc, and most of us who have achieved “regular” can properly answer “RTM” questions competently, and advise when an official Q&A is warranted.


I think that a three strike system would be great, but since it would have to be done manually, it would be ineffective as more and more people hit TL3. But I think that having a voting system for TL4 where users at TL3 can be nominated would be great. Especially with the first few TL3 members and more frequent users, this could be good as then they could help out with moderation of the TL3 users. But otherwise, we do need to lessen the TL3 group, or enforce more restrictions, which would be a pain, so I think that having a few of the really active TL3 users being promoted could be a good idea, given that we do manual advancement as TL4 powers can be easily abused by someone automatically promoted. What do you all think?