[Release] Hard-Copy

Hi everyone!
I just released the first version of a project called Hard-Copy. It is a python script that lets you convert your PROS projects into neatly formatted and syntax highlighted PDFs. This is great for documentation, especially if you want to print physical copies of your code. It should work with a variety of project structures and on both windows and *nix systems. The readme includes detailed descriptions regarding setup, usage and functionality. I was originally inspired to create this project as an evolution of the script used by BLRS in Turning Point, however the main difference is that Hard-Copy uses pathlib for cross platform support and packages the output into a zipfile.

I spent a lot of time making the process as streamlined as possible, however if you run into any issues please let me know! Also, I am always open to suggestions so definitely reach out to me! If you find this script helpful, please leave some feedback or share it with your friends! :smile:

You can find the project here :rocket:


This looks awesome. I was reading on GitHub but want sure does it have Linux and macos support?

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Yep! *nix is just unix (like) operating systems which includes macos and linux


Thanks for the serious cleanup and improvement of my old script, the project looks great!


Thanks for taking a look at my project! It means a lot to me :smile:


I like this, for the Emacs users out there, there is always M-x print-buffer as another option.
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Just pushed a small update! The script now only looks for headers in the include/ directory (or any of its subdirectories). Additionally, the readme now has a trouble shooting section. If you already have the file, I recommend copying the newest version in!