Release Next Years Topic Soon Due To Coronavirus

Dear VEX Robotics,

Due to the Coronavirus I think that there will be no worlds nor Us OPEN. Our team and lots of other teams I think would love to have the opportunity to start making their next robot. I’m suggesting that if 2020 Worlds does not happen, instead of announcing it at Worlds, announce it after Worlds is officially canceled. I think that many teams would like to start working on the next season. Please VEX Robotics take this into consideration.



I totally agree that having more time to work on a bot would be nice.

However, you may want to consider the possibility that the game is not fully fleshed out or ready for release in the nitty-gritty rules. Plus, there’s the issue of shipping game elements.
Just imagine hoe stressful it would be if your teacher suddenly asked you to complete a year-long project multiple weeks early.


Hey @Noah, made some minor changes to your note :smiley:


I think that this would be great, but highly unlikely as worlds is still set to happen (as of right now). It would definitely give the teams that did‘t qualify for worlds more time to work on their robots

An identical thread was started not even 3 hours ago.