Removing VEX IQ Bot Mid-Match

Part way through an alliance match, if a team’s robot completley fails, can they take their bot off the table so that it is not in the way of the other team? Will both teams receive the total score?

Looking at the game manual (
The applicable rule is G17 on page 15, which gives the protocall for removing a robot from the field and restarting it. The commentary says: “This rule is intended so Teams can fix damaged Robots …” The game manual does not give a time frame for “fixing” the damaged robot, and I’ve seen plenty of cases where time has run out before the robot can be repaired and returned to the field. The rule continues “If a Head Referee sees Teams strategically exploiting
this rule, they may be Disqualified from said Match.” There is potential that if the team removing the damaged robot just stands there holding their robot and not actively trying to repair it, they could be perceived as strategically exploiting the rule.

As for receiving the score, the definition of Alliance Score is on page 3 (both teams receive the same score), and disqualification, where one team receives no score, is in rule T9 on page 25. Unless the team removing the robot has been disqualified as described in rule G17, then both teams will receive the score.

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