Replacement for Valve Stem in the new V5 pneumatics kit?

I’ve seen this with teams of the old kit - they pressurize the system with a 4mm tube and then use a shut-off valve to isolate the system. It’s a smart way to do it, as the Schrader value disconnection does lose some air pressure by the nature of it (I’ve seen a 20psi loss if you’re clumsy about it).

Or I’ve over-pressured the system knowing it’s going to have losses when it’s disconnected from the Schrader air supply. The GDC rules are 100psi at the start of a match, but the system can handle a bit more. Just make sure you’re with in the GDC rules at match start.


a description is here.


Ours did the exact same thing

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@mbeem Given that this seems to be at least a non-isolated incident, is there a way to purchase a replacement from VEX support?


Can the new V2 Pmeumatics kit have the Schrader valve replaced with the part used with tubing to do this method?

@TrialAndError That’s fine, but you’ll need a valve to shut off so the air does not leak out when you disconnect from the external supply.

@sazrocks Getting spare Schrader valves (among other components in the system) is in the works, but unfortunately, I do not have an ETA at this time.



So @JRstearns 's team’s only option currently is to buy a whole new kit? That’s really unfortunate, and makes these kits really risky to buy for competition teams. There needs to be a way to get replacement parts, and soon, before the competition season really gets going.


Given that VEX is currently not providing any replacement components for the new pneumatic kits, I’d recommend all teams who purchase these kits stock up on remote fill Schrader valves from the old pneumatics kit.

If your fill valve from the new kit breaks, you can replace it with a straight or angled fitting and run a tube to this component to still be able to use your $300 kit.

This would be a great component for VEX themselves to include in the new kit.


It really does stink but it’s not looking good for us right now. :frowning:

This would work. You can use any value you want as long as it doesn’t remain on the bot. This would also help keep it at 100psi. with the shutoff valve.


Looks like the Q&A provides some relief: Legal Substitutes for discontinued pneumatics parts : Robot Events

* KQ2S04-M3G is a legal substitute for KJS04-M3
* KQ2L04-M3G is a legal substitute for KJL04-M3
* The use of KQ2LO4-M5A would not be legal, as it adds functionality not provided by the discontinued parts

Ours just broke! Could you please be more clear on how to use the depicted tire valve assembly to make this ridiculously expensive, new pneumatics kits work with “straight or angled fitting” and a tube? What is a straight or angled fitting anyway? Pictures would be extremely helpful!

You would think for the price it will be better quality

So instead of having the Schrader valve directly mounted to the reservoir, you can install a fitting of any type (hence why I said “straight or angled”) on the tank, connect a tube to it, and then on the other end of that tube connect the remote fill Shrader valve that I linked in my post. You’ll probably need to block off the other port on the valve.

This way, when you put air into the valve, it flows through the connected tube into the tank and pressurizes the tank.

I only have the old kits unfortunately, but the configuration would look something like this:

I’m sure @mbeem or someone else from VEX can send a picture of what a setup using the correct components would look like.

Separately is there any update on an ETA for replacement parts? If not, in the mean time would VEX consider stocking the above SMC remote fill valve as a temporary measure?


Created an account to say our team had the exact same thing happen this week. Not sure if there is a better way to log these issues so vex can track number of occurrences?

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yes there is a better way! contact VEX support - vexforum is a discussion area, not really best way for VEX to track issues …


Contacting VEX support for broken / replacement items is always your first goto. All we can really do is go “yep, it’s broken”


Adding the link to the Legal Pneumatics article in the STEM Library and the link to the legal pneumatics list from the 2022-23 season for reference

My team also broke our valve for the new air tank, I tried looking to the discussion but it was confusing, could anyone provide links or some type of reference to any valid valves that fit and are legal. We have tried researching for an M5 valve but most of them don’t seem proper.

See link to STEM library article in my post above yours. In the legacy parts section it provides the SMC parts numbers. These can be purchased through SMC or SMC retailers (ex: Orange Coast).