Replacement Rolers For Mecanum Wheels?

Hey guys! I was recently looking at buying some 4" mecanum wheels from the Robot Mesh store, but couldn’t find replacement rollers for the wheels. Can someone direct me to where I might be able to find them?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think they’re sold individually. May I ask why you want replacement rollers if you don’t even have the wheels?

Probably in case the rollers break he could replace them

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I feel like they would just be a good thing to have on hand. We plan on getting some, and as equipment tends to malfunction occasionally (no matter how good the build quality, there will always be defects…) I feel it is just better to be prepared. I thought I found replacements on the vex website, but they are for Vex PRO.

My school has the old mecanum wheels (the ones without removable rollers or high strength capabilities) and we have never needed to replace the wheels. I don’t think you need to worry about it.


Your wheels should be perfectly fine trust me. I used them for two years I think you will be just fine

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