Required V5 VEXos for VEX Worlds 2022

We have released a new version of VEXos for V5 (VEXos 1.1.1). This version will be required for all robots competing at VEX Worlds this year. We have required minimum firmware versions in the past but the biggest difference this year will be that the field controllers on the division fields will not allow a robot with old firmware to start a match. This year, when you connect your V5 controller to the field controller system, the field control software will verify that your V5 brain, controller and radio have all been updated to the latest version of firmware (VEXos 1.1.1). If any firmware is found to be out of date, the referee will not allow the match to start. You will then have to update the firmware on your robot in order for the match to begin. The field techs at each division will have laptops available to help with this if needed. Here are few common questions

  • How do I make sure my V5 robot is up to date?
    • You can quickly check the version of VEXos on the V5 brain by clicking on the “Devices” icon on the home screen. Then click on the brain icon. The version of VEXos will be displayed on the image of the brain on that screen. If the version is 1.1.1 (or higher) then you are good to go.
    • If the brain dashboard does not show that your brain is up to date then you will need to either download VEXcode (VEXcode Install V5 - VEX Robotics) or the V5 Firmware Utility (VEXos Firmware Updates - Products - V5 - VEX Robotics). Either of these apps will be able to update your V5 brain to the latest version of VEXos. Here is a link to an article about how to update firmware with VEXcode (
    • Once you have performed the update, make sure you follow all the prompts on the brains screen once it reboots. In many cases the brain will want to update multiple devices (power chip, radio, controller and controller assets). Make sure you click OK on all these prompts and allow them time to complete.
    • Make sure to tether all of your controllers to the brain that has been updated. This will allow the brain to update the controllers firmware. Once the controller is tethered to the brain you will see the controller screen briefly turn red and then the controller will reboot. Make sure to leave the controller plugged in to the brain after the reboot so that the brain can update the assets on the controller. Once the brain and controller connect after the reboot the brain will show a prompt asking to update the controller’s assets. Click “OK” and then allow the download to complete.
  • What happens if I had to switch out the brain on my robot before the match and I don’t get it updated?
    • Once you connect your controller to the field control system, your team’s status will show on the monitor at your field. If your robot’s controller, radio or brain is out of date, the monitor will show your status as “Invalid Firmware”. When that happens a referee will come over and help troubleshoot with you.
    • There will be laptops at each of the division’s field tech tables that can perform the update for you.
  • Will updating the firmware on my robot affect how my user program works?
    • In most cases it will not. But depending on how old the firmware was on the robot you have been testing with there may be some slight differences. That is why it is always a good idea to update well before the VEX Worlds event so that you can test to make sure everything is working properly.

At that point, what would happen to the match? Will the match be delayed until the team’s firmware is updated, or will the team not be allowed to participate in the match?


The goal will be to update the robot at the division and only slightly delay the match. Worse case the will move to the next match and circle back after that match is over.


Second question, since worlds is now pretty close, can we get some more details about what exactly this new field controller is? There’s been some speculation that it will essentially be a repurposed V5 brain using smart cables to connect to controller smart ports. Since V5 brains are susceptible to whitescreens and the long length of cables will increase static risks, will matches be replayed due to such faults with the new system?


I am putting together another post with all the details of the new smart field system. I should have that posted in the next day or so. But the short answer to your question is yes, if for this reason or some other reason the field system fails and it affects the match a replay would be expected.


That’s great to hear, I will be eagerly awaiting that post.


I’m assuming this would be covered in such a post, but it would be great if competitors could test their robots out on the new field system prior to World’s, especially if it’s something relatively easy like running off of a second V5 Brain…


@Mentor_355U, yes you will have an opportunity to test and I will cover the details in the post.


Is this going to be required for the U.S. open in Iowa?

Ask the EP for the event.

this is what is expected for worlds.


It’s worth noting that having the latest firmware is not a unique requirement for VEX Worlds, rather it is mandatory for all official events throughout the season, by rule R21b:

b. Teams must use the latest official VEXos firmware updates, found at Custom firmware modifications are not permitted.

In AZ we’ve been pretty strict about this this season, and I’ve personally updated quite a few teams’ firmware at inspection this year. It was very nice to see nearly every team at the state championships have their firmware up to date by the time they got to inspection.

In the past the U.S. Open has had it’s own ruleset (my personal favorite including eliminations being 16 alliances of 3 teams Bo3 in ITZ, which made for a super exciting and unique eliminations bracket not possible at any other event), however my understanding is that since becoming an official signature event for the last few seasons they now follow the official rulebook.


Is there a way to know when a update is going to come out?

Not really, but vexos 1.1.1 is the last update for V5 before worlds.


I’m not sure that CREATE is a “Signature Event”, though it claims to be a “signature event”. At least based on how the RobotEvents API returns it. Definitely a large, high-level tournament though!


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