Reversed 4b/6b

For the Tower Takeover game, I am thinking about a four bar with a reversed six bar on top, adding a couple of inches in height. Has anybody done this before? If so, are there any major problems associated with it? Thanks.

I have never personally used it but I wouldn’t recommend it for this game because it won’t lift straight up and down

Stability. You’ll need to make sure that your towers are solid and make sure you use lock nuts for joints

The biggest issue on any of these lift designs is going to be friction and “slop”.

You’ll always need to make sure you have smooth pivot points (preferably screw-joints), and that your gears/gear shafts align properly. Then, you’ll just need to make sure you pick a good gear ratio. With V5, this won’t be as big of an issue as it was before, but overheating is still a bad thing. I’m no expert, but that’s what I got from doing one garbage DR4B early in TP.

Thank you. I expected for it not collapsing in the same amount of space to be a problem, but I didn’t think of that.

Actually, if the length of the center bar of the 6 bar and the length of the 4 bar bars are the same it will go up straight.
This assumes your stages are in sync of course.

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The lift will go straight up and down. This lift has been done many times before, such as in this video.

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Thanks for the video.

I would work, but why do you need that much height? a DR4B should probably be enough.

I think people are underestimating how important high, delicate stacking could be. Tall stacks will be what separates the good from the great. Reverse stacking vs single/poly top stacking will be an interesting dynamic, but top stacking boots will have a natural advantage on towers.

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I have an intake that holds three cubes so the dr4b would only be able to stack three times.

Honestly, if you can stack 9 cubes and control towers you’re in good shape… 12 would be better.

I did it last year because I didn’t know how to make my lift tall and lots of teams used this for in the zone and I would definitely recommend it for this game. The extra height will be huge in late season probably and the cons are negligible.

I did it last year as well and it worked very well if done right. You can make these lifts incredibly tall and with the right coding they can run quite smoothly.

Sorry I misunderstood what lift was being talked about.

9 cubes at a time? Or total of 9?

I would definitely reccomend using this for your lift. As others have said, it worked well in ITZ and the extra height will be useful. It also makes it easier to build because you don’t have to worry about the tower getting in the way of the 6 bar.

how much more space would a 4b/6b take up? i was hoping to have the middle of my lift available as a reservoir type thing

Not much more than using a 4 bar. You just have to put 2 of the bars on the outside of the midsection but it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Per stack.
“…if you can stack 9 cubes [per stack] and control towers you’re in good shape…”

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